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An infinite source of peace and power

There is an infinite source of peace and power within you, waiting to be released, just by the acceptance of who you really are.

Steps required to unblock it: reveal your truly self >> understand what is revealed >> understand that new information about your self.

The acid that will reveal what’s underneath is life itself,:what is presented to you that gets you triggered, is a reflection of your blockage.

Let’s build each other up

Here’s a sort of new term that I find interesting, not for it’s origins, but for it’s evolution and expanded meanings: COMPERSION.

At first, it had only romantic and sexual connotations. However it has grown to mean something that is the opposite of jealousy:The feeling of joy one has experiencing another’s joy“.

By embracing this new meaning of compersion as a concept, applying it in our business or even competitive sports, we may unfold new possibilities for ourselves with repercussions for the entire world.

Imagine there is a top performer F1 driver. He has been winning every title for the last 5 years. He is already a legend. But he’s become stagnant.

And then a rookie comes and kills it. He’s winning every sunday and he has some amazing new skills.

Our champ could see him as a threat. Someone that comes to steal his thunder and his glory. He will feel good whenever the rookie finds obstacles or even abandon, loosing points.

However, he also could feel amazed by those new skills and try to emulate the rookie learn from him, evolve and get better himself. Maybe even approach the rookie and get to know him to understand his story and his motivations.

Doing the latter, a new world of possibilities arises. All the other drivers could feel the urge to emulate, learn and evolve also, raising the level of competition for the whole F1, making races even more entertaining for the audiences, making more money for the teams, etcetera.

That same mindset, applied to business and organizations set the conditions needed for growth. It opens people’s minds and hearts to thrive in unison, to support each other into higher performance.

You may also take steps to copy, to learn and improve yourself so other won’t beat you but being angry and jealous.

But the difference lies in the dynamic that is created within the system. A zero sum system is finite, is frustrating and creates anguish and suffering.

A compersion based system is infinite, full of possibility. It will also be so much more fun.

But, what does it mean?

There is this routine we all follow everyday: We wake up, we get out of bed, and we get ready for whatever we “must” do…How do you feel then? Numb? Discouraged? Excited? What does it even mean?

We all, as humans, have the power to frame any experience in our lives into whatever serves us better. All of us infuse our days with meaning whether we are aware of it or not.

Our brain has evolved to give meaning to events so it can make sense of what to do next, and this meaning could be something that drives us forward. But often times it will be something that freeze us or makes us want to to run.

The real power within our reach is to make it intentionally, re-framing our context and our entire lives to align it to our goals. Leverage our efforts and achieving faster and bigger results.

Also, the more meaning we put into our work, the more fulfillment we will feel in our lives.

Market the impossible

A pair of ridiculously furry purple shoes. Or a jacket that changes its size at the click of a button in your phone.How about a puppy that, depending on your mood, it will morph from cat to lizard to monkey?

I have no idea if that kind of things would enhance anyone’s life.

However, to create things that will enhance people’s lives in ways the human race have never imagined, you must start to think outrageous, borderline ridiculous new services and products.

And, if you think that sort of items would find no resonance with a great deal of people let me ask you one thing: have you heard of the digital toilet paper, the NFT?

Never deal with it again?

Problems, usually, are not like an appendectomy where you will have to deal with it only once in your life.

Once you have learned how to ride a bike, chances are, you will remember all your life how to do it. You can check that one up from your to do list. That is beautiful, but most problems are not like that.

Those one time problems are uncommon in life, most problems are issues we will have to deal over and over again. And often, the meta problem is that we won’t accept the fact that they are here to stay.

So instead of giving them a transactional priority we turn them into cronic.

Understanding and acceptance of the recurrence of the problem at hand will help us deal with it accordingly. Setting up systems and processes to deal with them.

And maybe then you can check off the list that one too .


“Beyond your personality.

Beyond your personal history,

there’s a deeper essence of who you are.”

-Eckhart Tolle

And that my friends is how you dissolve the ego. In case you needed to do it, of course.