But, what does it mean?

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There is this routine we all follow everyday: We wake up, we get out of bed, and we get ready for whatever we “must” do…How do you feel then? Numb? Discouraged? Excited? What does it even mean?

We all, as humans, have the power to frame any experience in our lives into whatever serves us better. All of us infuse our days with meaning whether we are aware of it or not.

Our brain has evolved to give meaning to events so it can make sense of what to do next, and this meaning could be something that drives us forward. But often times it will be something that freeze us or makes us want to to run.

The real power within our reach is to make it intentionally, re-framing our context and our entire lives to align it to our goals. Leverage our efforts and achieving faster and bigger results.

Also, the more meaning we put into our work, the more fulfillment we will feel in our lives.

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