Let’s build each other up

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Here’s a sort of new term that I find interesting, not for it’s origins, but for it’s evolution and expanded meanings: COMPERSION.

At first, it had only romantic and sexual connotations. However it has grown to mean something that is the opposite of jealousy:The feeling of joy one has experiencing another’s joy“.

By embracing this new meaning of compersion as a concept, applying it in our business or even competitive sports, we may unfold new possibilities for ourselves with repercussions for the entire world.

Imagine there is a top performer F1 driver. He has been winning every title for the last 5 years. He is already a legend. But he’s become stagnant.

And then a rookie comes and kills it. He’s winning every sunday and he has some amazing new skills.

Our champ could see him as a threat. Someone that comes to steal his thunder and his glory. He will feel good whenever the rookie finds obstacles or even abandon, loosing points.

However, he also could feel amazed by those new skills and try to emulate the rookie learn from him, evolve and get better himself. Maybe even approach the rookie and get to know him to understand his story and his motivations.

Doing the latter, a new world of possibilities arises. All the other drivers could feel the urge to emulate, learn and evolve also, raising the level of competition for the whole F1, making races even more entertaining for the audiences, making more money for the teams, etcetera.

That same mindset, applied to business and organizations set the conditions needed for growth. It opens people’s minds and hearts to thrive in unison, to support each other into higher performance.

You may also take steps to copy, to learn and improve yourself so other won’t beat you but being angry and jealous.

But the difference lies in the dynamic that is created within the system. A zero sum system is finite, is frustrating and creates anguish and suffering.

A compersion based system is infinite, full of possibility. It will also be so much more fun.

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